Stress Reduction

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Deep Breathing Video
Price: $4.95
This powerful video demonstrates the correct way to use your breathing to experience all of the benefits that proper breathing can provide. Breathing correctly is not only important for living longer but also to have a good mood and keep performing at your best.Among numerous other benefits, breathing detoxifies and releases toxins and tension. It also relieves emotional problems and pain, as well as strengthens the immune system, increases digestion, improves the nervous system, strengthens the lungs, makes the heart stronger, assists in weight control, boosts energy levels, improves stamina, improves cellular regeneration and elevates moods.
Movement Therapy Video
Price: $9.95
This remarkable video details a specific pattern of movements that can be performed by anyone, at any age, in any condition to maximize the benefits of low impact exercises designed to increase flexibility, strengthen core muscle groups and support optimal well-being. It is different with running or weight lifting – intense movements that can harm you. Instead, it involves graceful exercising routines that need you to focus on the movement at hand.The movements are not difficult, but the repetitiveness can provide great benefits for your health.
Rapid Relaxer Video
Price $19.95
This video demonstrates a variation of the technique presented in the deep breathing video called the rapid relaxation techniquedesigned for those critical times in life when you need instant relief from stress.
Stress Reduction Audio Bundle
Price $27.00
With the rushed busyness of our hectic lifestyle, we often underestimate the power of relaxation. Most of us have a massive to-do list each day, and we feel we can’t afford to slow our pace or we’ll quickly fall behind. However, we fail to acknowledge the ways that relaxation can increase our stamina, clear our thoughts, and allow us to get much more accomplished with less effort. This audio series contains:

  • Anxiety Relief (MP3)
  • Dissolving Negativity (MP3)
  • Relaxation (MP3)
  • Self Motivation (MP3)
  • Stress Reduction (MP3)
Price $24.50
A classic herbal stress management formula used in traditional Chinese medicine to relax the restless mind and body. It is designed for individuals who have recurring thought patterns due to stress. It is traditionally used to help release tension in those who feel overwhelmed and physically tense and classically employed to address multiple organs and systems involved in the stress response.
Price $28.95
A classic herbal stress management formula used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to nourish and quiet the heart. It has been used throughout China since the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368 A.D.). According to traditional Chinese herbology, living a demanding, hectic lifestyle deeply influences mood, mental function, cognitive processes, the cardiovascular system, the liver, and tolerance to change.

  • Designed for individuals who have feelings of anxiety and disorientation and have difficulty resting due to stress.
  • Formulated for individuals who may have feelings of being overheated and flushed when stressed.
  • Traditionally used herbs to address organs and systems involved in the stress response.
Price $28.30
Supplies a patented, all natural, bio-active peptide (derived from milk) having anxiolytic activity. In other words, De-Stress can be used to reduce stress and anxiety! De-Stress has been proven clinically effective.