What is the M.A.P.?

The M.A.P. is a tool that is used as a starting point for plotting a course in the direction of correction. But before you can go anywhere, you have to know where you are!

M.A.P. is an acronym for the Matrix Assessment Profile. This profile is designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of the three major areas that produce symptoms. The Matrix Assessment Profile provides the foundation for this process. Performing a biological fluid analysis, along with a symptom survey and health history review, aids in determining what factors are affecting what systems to contribute to the constant symptoms you are experiencing.

Matrix Transformation is the adapted science of evaluating and manipulating productive changes in the internal environment of the body. The liquid interior of the body is called the Biological Matrix. The Biological Matrix represents a fluid transport system for the delivery of nutrients to and elimination of waste products from the cells of the body. The process of transforming the biological matrix begins with a M.A.P.

When you order your Matrix Assessment Profile you’ll receive:

  • Your own personal evaluation kit with easy to follow instructions.
  • Sample containers and personal confidential history forms.
  • A detailed full color printed report forwarded directly to you.
  • A personal consult with Dr. DiCenso concerning your results.

When you’ve completed the samples and forms, simply ship them back to our office. It’s that easy!

Your Personal Report Will Contain:

  • Detailed explanations of the findings in your personal evaluation.
  • Colorful graphs and illustrations for greater understanding of your evaluation.
  • Comprehensive recommendations for any conventional or alternative considerations.
  • Dietary recommendations based upon your blood type and specific biological needs. Specific recommendations for therapeutic supplementation based upon your profile.
The M.A.P. evaluation Program is available in 3 unique configurations:
Basic MAP Evaluation
Single Kit Assessment
Price: $249.00
This Package includes one (1) complete evalaluation kit with one (1) specimen transfer cup, one(1) urine specimen collection receptacle, and one (1) saliva specimen receptacle, one(1) preservative tablet, a personalized, detailed M.A.P. report, and one (1) personal phone consultation with Dr. DiCenso to review the results of your M.A.P. This is a great introductory option for someone who is not necessarily experiencing ongoing symptoms but is interested in an overall assessment of their current health status and biological age.
M.A.P. Transformation
Two Kit Assessment Program
Price: $449.00
This Package includes two (2) complete evalaluation kit with two (2) specimen transfer cup, two (2) urine specimen collection receptacle, and two (2) saliva specimen receptacle, two (2) preservative tablet, a personalized, detailed M.A.P. report, and two (2) personal phone consultation with Dr. DiCenso to review the results of your M.A.P. This is a great option for someone who is experiencing chronic low grade symptoms which do not seem to be improving but are not necessarily getting worse. These include things like inability to lose weight, low energy, inability to concentrate, sleep issues and stress.
M.A.P. Transformation
Three Kit Assessment Program
Price $595.00
This 90 day program contains everything you’ll need to transform your internal environment. The Package includes three (3) complete evaluation kits, including one (1) specimen transfer cup (3) urine specimen collection receptacles, and three (3) saliva specimen collection receptacles, (3) preservative tablets, three (3) personalized, detailed M.A.P. reports, and three (3) personal phone consultations with Dr. DiCenso to review the results and progress of your 12 week program. It is designed for the individual who has been struggling with unresolved issues and is committed to changing them. This includes symptoms and conditions which have either been diagnosed or misdiagnosed, including things like anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, indigestion, diabetes, high cholesterol, High blood pressure, etc. This option helps to eliminate the guesswork and frustration associated with chronic symptoms for which you’ve been told are normal for your age, require more time and/or testing or are all in your head.



Here’s to knowing you can be, do and have anything you choose!

To your best life,

Dr. Richard DiCenso (“Dr. D”)

P.S. Don’t waste another moment struggling with unnecessary pain, illness or disease. You’re time and your quality of life are too valuable to wait!