What Our Clients Say

Free at Last – I suffered with phantom pain following an amputation of my left leg over 30 years ago. Before I met Dr. D. I had to take pain medication everyday just to manage the constant and excruciating pain. I was unable to sleep for more than two hours without being awakened by the stabbing and throbbing in my amputated limb. I had no quality of life. After working for two months with Dr. D. I was able to resume a normal life. Now, I rarely have to take any medication, I sleep through the night, and I get out frequently to visit with friends, go shopping, and attend events.
Emma S. Newport Rhode Island

Lost and Found – Before meeting Dr. D. I was plagued with a host of seemingly unrelated symptoms. I suffered from constant headaches, back pain, night sweats, depression, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, and memory lapses. No one could tell me why? After a M.A.P. and consult with Dr. D. he developed a plan for changing my life. He modified my diet, recommended some specific nutritional supplements, encouraged me to begin exercising and gave me some tools to help me relax. I feel like a totally new person.
Jill W. Norfolk, Virginia

Happy and Hopeful – I was feeling hopeless and depressed after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and gaining thirty pounds. After talking with Dr. D. and having a M.A.P. I felt like there was hope for me. Today I’m encouraged, inspired, and motivated to greet each day. I’ve lost 22 pounds, and am able to exercise everyday with very little discomfort. With some changes in my diet and the proper supplementation I have more energy, feel better more of the time, and sleep through the night.
Virginia O., Virginia Beach, Virginia

I’ve Got My Children Back – My children were diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. I was just looking for a little help in managing their conditions. After M.A.P. testing with Dr. D. my children began to excel in school, their behavior has improved, and they’re now taking violin lessons.
Valerie N. Salt Lake City, Utah

Dr. D. Saved My Life – Before meeting Doctor D. and having the M.A.P. I was in the hospital 38 times for various illnesses. After getting the results of my M.A.P. Dr. D. developed a program that helped me to get well and stay well. With Dr. D. and my M.A.P. I got my life back!
Dot B. Newport News, Virginia

It’s Gone – I was recently diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease. None of the medications helped and the dietary changes made things worse. I had a M.A.P. with Dr. D. and within three months of following the program he designed for me there’s no sign or symptom of the previously diagnosed Celiac’s.
Randi W., Long Island, N.Y.

I Got My Miracle – My teenage daughter has suffered with seizures all of her life. Over the last couple of years the medications have become increasingly ineffective. With her condition worsening I was desperate for answers and some help. A friend told me about Dr. D. and I scheduled a consult. He performed a M.A.P. and made some specific recommendations. Within three months after starting this program the seizures gradually abated. Now it’s been over a year since my daughter has had any seizure related episodes.
Laurie D., Norfolk, Va.

A New Lease – In the months prior to talking with Dr. D. I had separated from my wife, lost my job, and confined myself to my apartment. I was suffering from an embarrassing skin problem that had practically taken over my entire body. I was seeing six different Doctors and was on nine medications. I got Dr. D’s phone number from a friend and called for a consultation. After M.A.P. testing, Dr. D. designed a program specifically for my situation. After following his advice for six months my skin completely cleared up. I’m off all medications, back with my wife and family, and have a new job. Dr. D. is now the Doctor I see first.
John W., Virginia Beach, Va.

Born Again – My last child was born at six pounds and twelve ounces and was plagued by colic. By six months old she still had not gained any substantial weight and the colic was accompanied by diarrhea. Despite the recommendations of her pediatrician her condition worsened. After having a M.A.P. and talking to Dr. D. about the results we added enzymes and probiotics to her diet. Within the first week after beginning the supplements she gained one and one-half pounds, the colic disappeared and the diarrhea improved to just loose stools.
Jennifer C, Salt Lake City, Utah

Welcome Changes – By age 50 I was over 300 pounds with 43% body fat, sleep apnea, no energy, and no hope. Following the recommendations Dr. D. developed after my M.A.P. I immediately began to feel better. Over the next several months I consistently lost weight, began exercising and found more than enough energy to get through the day. Shortly after implementing the lifestyle changes suggested by Dr. D. my sleep apnea disappeared and I’m currently at 206 pounds with 23% body fat. I can’t wait until tomorrow.
Connie D., Virginia Beach

Inspired and Motivated – I was feeling hopeless after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. After having a M/A.P. and talking with Dr. D. I now feel encouraged, inspired, and motivated. I finally have a direction and for the first time in ten years I feel alive again and look forward to feeling better everyday.
Andrew B., Los Angeles, Ca.

Better Than Ever – I wasn’t having any particular problems when I consulted Dr. D. But I was curious about the M.A.P. After following the recommendations Dr. D. suggested I was amazed at how much better I felt considering I didn’t feel bad to begin with. I actually lost an additional 13 pounds of fat and gained seven pounds of lean muscle in just 12 weeks following the program Dr. D. recommended. I have never had more energy in my life.
Ann R. Chapel Hill, N.C.

Feeling Great – I had lost my zest for life. I was depressed, overweight, and tired all of the time. Nothing I tried had helped. Following a M.A.P. with Dr. D. I finally understood what was happening to me and knew exactly what I had to do to feel better. I did it and I feel great! I lost 23 pounds and my depression is history.
J. Greene, Atlanta, Georgia

Seizure Free – At eighteen months of age my daughter was having 12 seizures a day. No one knew why. She was on several medications that did nothing but make her incoherent. After a M.A.P. and consult with Dr. D. I implemented his recommendations. Within two weeks she was seizure free and off of all medications. She remains so two years later and is vibrant, healthy, and happy. Thank you Dr. D. for giving us our daughter back.
Gretchen L., Virginia Beach, VA.

After my stroke – at age 81 I was told I would have to live with the consequences. I was given medications for my high blood pressure and confined to a wheel chair. After having a M.A.P. and consult with Dr. D. I was able to get off all my medications, my blood pressure is normal, and I have use of both arms and legs. I can walk with the help of just a walker.
R. Jones, Chesapeake, VA.

A Full Head Of Hair – By the time I met Dr. D. I had lost all of my hair and all hope for a normal life. I was depressed and unable to work. With the help of a M.A.P. Dr. D. found the cause of my hair loss and my depression. Today I have more hair than I did at 20 years old and my depression is just a memory.
Barbara B., Norfolk, VA.

Hi DRD – Well, here I am, just your typical biochemically unbalanced person who is relishing in the discovery and power of biochemistry! You understand what I’ve been trying to express for years to anyone that would listen, and in every way that I could, but to no avail. I’ve been misunderstood more times than I can count. I’ve been led down the wrong path in hopes that it would work. I knew there was an answer and even in my darkest days I had hope. A balanced biochemistry will unlock the door to my heart and soul. My heart is singing right now…..I just don’t know it yet.

Hi Dr. D – Well, I’ve got to thank you a thousand times for this man!
My mom called me on Thursday night to tell me that a friend of our family is dying. We knew he had lung cancer last summer. He did the chemo and radiation but at Christmas they told him that he was in remission. He went on about his life and then he started having trouble breathing and when he went in the cancer had spread to his brain and his lymph nodes. Last week they told him he had 2 weeks to live and sent him home to die. He isn’t ready to die!

I emailed Dr. D. on Thursday night because I didn’t know if there was anything he could do to help. He emailed back late on Friday and when I got the message on Saturday morning a tailspin of events was set in motion. I ordered the urine and saliva kit that was sent out overnight to Sean.

Dr. D has been consulting with other doctors over the weekend and already has a regime in line for him. Most of the products have been ordered and are being sent over-night to Sean. Dr. DiCenso has some amazing passion and I feel confident if anyone can help buy some time for Sean to fight this, it is Dr. DiCenso. Thank you a million times for him. Instead of feeling powerless and mourning the loss of a still living person I feel empowered and led to help. It has opened my eyes and given me hope. Thank you.
Love, Rhonda